United States Business Council for Sustainable Development

Join us on July 18-19, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio at The Ohio State University for Expanding the Circle. Through an exciting mix of plenary sessions, workshops and breakout groups, this event will explore four key themes:

Smart and Resilient Cities: Scaling up Circularity

Cities play a key role in scaling up the circular economy. This theme will explore how connectivity, emerging networks, innovation and designing for resilience are shaping the city landscape of the present and future.

Human and Natural Systems in a Circular Economy

From process to planet, sustainable and resilient solutions must take into account the complex nexus of linkages among materials, food, energy, water, land and other resources. This theme will introduce cutting edge research on this nexus, and projects creating new mechanisms to address the challenge.

Cyclical and Resilient Supply Networks

The shift to a circular economy is stimulating companies to transition from traditional linear supply chains to more complex cyclical or closed-loop supply networks. This theme will present case studies from several industries, and will explore how companies can simultaneously improve both their sustainability performance and their resilience to unforeseen disruptions.

Digital Platforms for Co-creation of Value

Technology is a key enabler for new market mechanisms necessary to drive and scale the circular economy. This theme will explore the role of new digital platforms in the circular economy, and how they're driving value for businesses, governments and NGOs around the US.

On the Agenda

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Day 1: July 18, 2017

Day 2: July 19, 2017


Who should Attend


This conference is designed to engage sustainability practitioners from across sectors, including business, academia, government and NGOs. All current and prospective US BCSD members and colleagues are encouraged to attend. Faculty, staff, businesses and organizations connected to The Ohio State University are also encouraged to join us. US BCSD meetings typically attract 100+ leading sustainability practitioners from around the US and world.

US BCSD members include:


How to Attend



The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio



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For any questions or concerns, please contact Daniel Kietzer at the US BCSD at kietzer@usbcsd.org or 512.981.5417.