Hundreds of businesses and organizations are participating in Materials Marketplace projects around the US.

Get engaged to access new and innovative business opportunities to reduce your company’s waste-to-landfill and carbon footprint, collaborate with like-minded peers, and implement real strategies within a new circular economy. Marketplace projects at a variety of scales can be a fit for companies of all sizes.

For large, national-scale companies looking to engage multiple facilities across the United States, the US-wide marketplace facilitates company-to-company industrial reuse opportunities that support the culture shift to a circular, closed-loop economy.

Other national-scale projects are in development around the world, including the recently launched Turkey Materials Marketplace, through Pathway21 - a US BCSD partner organization formed to scale-up marketplace activities outside of the US.

Regional Projects

Are you with a smaller business or organization looking to get involved in one of our regional projects? Marketplace projects are underway or in development in Austin, Detroit, Ohio, Memphis, Denver, San Diego County, and a number of other regions around the country. Regional projects are also a great way for large companies with operations in these regions to engage locally and support their local communities.


San Diego Materials Marketplace


Ohio Materials Marketplace



The Materials Marketplace is a strong economic development driver for municipalities. It helped inspire the [Re]verse Pitch Competition, a social innovation program from the City of Austin and community partners including the US BCSD to help turn valuable raw materials that are currently leaving local businesses, non-profits, and institutions as waste into the foundation of new social enterprises. This four week program, run for the first time in November 2015, helped launch two new start-ups in the Austin area. Learn more at