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Why Join

The US BCSD is an action-oriented, member-led business association harnessing the power of collaborative projects, platforms and partnerships to develop, deploy and scale solutions to sustainability challenges in the US. Current programs address ecosystems, energy, materials and water challenges.

US BCSD members are deeply involved in real projects like launching circular economy collaborations, designing multi-industry water reuse systems, and enabling energy efficiency in buildings. We co-create projects and new platforms, implement them and scale them up. It’s about action, not talk. We build and grow strong partnerships - with the WBCSD, leading academic institutions, and progressive governments around the US.

US BCSD members create one-on-one business opportunities; work in multi-company regional projects; and help communities, governments and businesses find common solutions to complex problems. Member companies have found opportunities to engage their own people from different functions, levels and locations in US BCSD projects and partnerships.

US BCSD & WBCSD Collaboration

The US BCSD and WBCSD work together for meaningful action on urgent sustainability challenges.

  • The US BCSD brings 20+ years of experience with real projects, teaming with US members, government academic and NGO partners on common solutions and creating pathways to better finance, implement and communicate results.
  • The WBCSD brings decades of world-class thought leadership from its network of 200 global companies to grasp beyond-the-horizon views of what’s coming next and break-through solutions to deal with sustainability’s business challenges. 

The US BCSD links to WBCSD’s rich global idea flow and serves as a project proving ground and implementation platform in the US.


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