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Early Afternoon Breakout Sessions - Materials, Water, Technology Interventions, and Agriculture

Facilitated by US BCSD project practitioners and subject matter experts - details TBA.

Concurrent breakout sessions will look at existing and emerging projects in the context of the themes outlined during the morning session. What new barriers, pathways and opportunities are uncovered by looking through these three lenses? Discussions are also encouraged to identify new projects, platforms and sustainability issues that might have market solutions.


This session will focus on the US BCSD’s Materials Marketplace, a platform to scale up business-to-business materials reuse across the US. This new market facilitates company-to-company industrial reuse opportunities that support the culture shift to a circular, closed-loop economy. As interest in the Circular Economy grows, the Marketplace has emerged as one of the leading paths to action and scale.


US BCSD's Louisiana Water Synergy Project has created a powerful collaboration platform. That platform has now spun off several business-led sustainability projects moving ahead a different paces: Water Quality Trading program design, Landscape-scale restoration using a public-private funding model, Infrastructure Finance Task Force to attract private investments to supplement public funding for coastal restoration, and a Stakeholder Engagement Game. As Louisiana moves forward and US BCSD explores a new "dry-lands mitigation" water project in the Pacific Northwest, what are the lessons learned?  What works and what doesn't? What is scaling up to impact, and what are the challenges?

Sessions on Technology Interventions and Agriculture & Food TBA shortly.