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Late Afternoon Breakout Sessions - Structuring Innovative Partnerships, Transforming Value Chains, and Attracting Capital

Structuring Innovative Partnerships

How do we structure new, innovative partnerships to push forward market-based sustainability solutions? This session will look at examples from the US BCSD, and explore different enabling structures that can help scale up impact.

Transforming Value Chains

Sustainability impacts and innovation don't tend to stay inside one company's fence line.  Increasingly, both problems and progress involve reaching up and down the supply chain, understanding shared and conflicting interests, innovating and sharing value. The sustainability programs of mature companies sitting in complex supply chains have taken aim at reducing waste, reducing carbon and other priorities. What are the challenges, successes, lessons learned, and growing questions?

Attracting Capital

Scaling up sustainability impact takes money. To do that - and to impact the economy to make that impact on-going - means attracting private investment, going beyond philanthropy to mainstream capital. What are the limitations and direction? What are the underlying issues, including generational shifts in investors, that may change the game?