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Tackling Wicked Problems

Speaking: Dan Vermeer, PhD, Executive Director, EDGE and Associate Professor of the Practice, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University; US BCSD Materials Marketplace Staff

Are we creating a world that’s too complex to manage? Dan Vermeer will discuss the importance of not just problem solving, but problem finding in the innovation process. This is particularly true when you are focused on “wicked problems” - challenges that converge, intertwine, resist measurement, and cannot be definitively resolved. These massive challenges require ingenuity, but our world faces a growing ingenuity gap. How do we creatively reframe our challenges to improve the effectiveness of our actions?

Following Dan's talk, US BCSD staff will present a case study on fostering innovation, and the process and lessons learned from both problem finding and problem solving in Materials Marketplace projects. 

Then, you'll turn to your peers for guided table conversations asking, "What are your company’s most important wicked problems? How might those problems be creatively reframed?"