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Executing Sustainability Strategy: From Idea to Impact

Speaking: John de Figueiredo, PhD, Edward and Ellen Marie Schwarzman Professor of Law and Professor of Strategy and Economics, Duke University; Scott Tew, Ingersoll Rand.

Many companies have excellent sustainability ideas and plans. The problem, however, is getting the whole organization to execute on the plans, especially when these plans are not in complete alignment with the other objectives of the firm. In this session, John de Figueiredo will lead a discussion on the role of strategic alignment of the organization in successful execution. We will also explore how companies manage execution when various firm objectives conflict, and examine execution models for new technological trajectories.

Following John's talk, Scott Tew will present findings from a recent Ingersoll Rand and GreenBiz Group research study, “Accountability For Climate Action: How Corporations Are Tackling Climate Change.” This study examined the role businesses play in addressing climate change and the actions they are taking to reduce their impacts; how companies are building strategies to map and measure the success of their climate strategies, and how business is reacting to the changing landscape of proposed regulation — self regulation and government regulation — and how this impacts the future of innovation and management.

After these two presentations, guided table discussion will focus on "What has been your biggest success in overcoming execution hurdles to your sustainability strategy? What is the largest strategic obstacle remaining in its execution?"