9:00 AM09:00

Michigan Webinar: Uncovering the Business Opportunity in your Waste and By-Product Materials


Pulling materials through the recycling system by increasing demand is critical to success. Michigan's material recovery facilities are producing bales of usable materials on a daily basis, and Michigan manufacturers are more motivated than ever to source recycled content and keep their waste and by-products out of the landfill.

In this webinar we’ll dive into the Michigan Materials Marketplace - a new program to connect Michigan businesses to develop and scale new reuse and recycling market opportunities. Manufacturers are using the Marketplace to source materials and find new solutions for challenging wastes and by-products, recycling companies are uncovering new customers and end-markets, and entrepreneurs are using the program as an innovation platform to build new reuse and recycling businesses.

Attendees will learn how to get engaged and hear an update from EGLE on the latest progress to grow recycling markets in Michigan. We'll discuss materials and process trends, how-to post listings and tips on marketing materials for success, and how-to interact with other businesses through the Marketplace program. Your registration will also include an invitation to join the Marketplace.

Who should attend: Operations and plant managers at Michigan businesses producing waste and by-product materials; purchasing and R&D roles at manufacturers looking to source post-consumer and post-industrial materials; recycling, remanufacturing and materials processing solution providers; recycling companies looking to develop new end-markets; and entrepreneurs interested in building new reuse and recycling businesses in Michigan.

Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 | 9:00am to 10:00am CST




Daniel Kietzer



Matt Flechter

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

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to Dec 3

Gulf Coast Carbon Collaborative Kick-off Event

Entergy Corporation and the US BCSD are inviting businesses from a wide range of sectors to discuss the creation of the Gulf Coast Carbon Collaborative, a cross-sector platform aimed at reducing the region’s carbon emissions and impact while preserving and enhancing its economic vitality. Learn more about the effort and the December kick-off event here.

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6:00 PM18:00

[Re]verse Pitch Opening Event

Does your business need raw materials? Entrepreneurs, are you looking for inspiration? The [Re]verse Pitch Competition is awarding $10,000 to the best repurposing business ideas. Come to Opening Night on February 26th to learn about the products, meet the material suppliers, and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

During the opening pitch event, you'll hear from businesses and institutions consistently generating or collecting by-product, surplus or otherwise underutilized materials streams in Austin, Texas that could be put to higher and better use in new social enterprises.

This event is free and open to the public, but your RSVP is requested. Attendance is mandatory to compete for an Innovation Prize.

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to Jan 31

US BCSD National Meeting in New Orleans

Join us! January 30-31, 2019 for our US BCSD National Meeting, hosted at City Park in New Orleans

Driving the business case for collaboration on sustainability

On the Agenda

Our agenda balances an engaging lineup of subject matter expert panels with facilitated discussion on actionable opportunities to expand or enhance your company/organization’s sustainability portfolio. Organized around our four US BCSD platforms, each panel will explore creative approaches and hot topics in the sustainability space today; afterwards, you’ll be able to dig in to the details at your table with other attendees.

If you're looking to work alongside leading companies on water, circular economy, cities, and ecosystems projects; and explore cross-cutting topics like sustainability valuation, public-private partnerships, tools, metrics and incentives - this meeting will be a great entry point to get involved with our work.

January 30, 2019

8:00am | Opening

9:00am | Water Platform

10:30am | Cities Platform

12:00pm | Lunch Talk: LDEQ Secretary Chuck Brown, Ph. D.

1:30pm | Circular Economy Platform

3:00pm | US BCSD 2019-20 Strategy

4:30pm | Sustainability Tour and Reception at City Park

January 31, 2019

9:00am | Water and Circularity - the Ecolab Approach

9:30am | Ecosystems Platform

11:00am | Leveraging Business, Academic and Organization Partnerships

12:00pm | Lunch

1:00pm | Cross-cutting Opportunities and Trends in Sustainability

  • Great Lakes Sustainability Initiative

  • 10 Across Initiative

  • Sustainability Standards

  • Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard

2:00pm | Adjourn



Awareness of the risks associated with water-related issues is rapidly coming to the forefront of industry planning and operations. Understanding and addressing both risks and opportunities will help organizations navigate around issues such as water quality and water quantity at both site-specific and watershed scales. This session will explore examples of how companies and partners are dealing with water issues through collaboration and regional scale solutions. Examples include improving infrastructure resilience and innovation in water quality improvement. Speakers include:

  • Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

  • RES

  • Port Fourchon Project Team

  • Tierra Resources/Entergy



How can we more effectively connect regional business capabilities and interests with the big city challenges; issues like resiliency, data collection and organization, energy efficiency, mobility and others? What partnerships (organization and program partnerships) should we be prioritizing to support this platform? Invited speakers include:

  • City Park, New Orleans

  • City of New Orleans

  • Greater New Orleans Foundation

  • Life City


Circular Economy

The US BCSD is the leading facilitator for business-to-business material reuse in the US, helping develop and scale new reuse and recycling market opportunities. In this session, you’ll learn about our multi-state approach to building and developing new markets, and hear case studies on projects that address cross-platform challenges (like plastics + ecosystem restoration). Table discussions will follow to map out how your companies and organizations can get engaged. Speakers include:

  • Pathway21’s Materials Marketplace team

  • Companies engaged in the LA Floating Islands Project



Ecosystem services are becoming an integral part of infrastructure solutions. Nature based solutions can offer lower cost, highly reliable approaches to dealing with issues such as stormwater management, flooding mitigation, water quality and quantity issues, and carbon sequestration. Industry is collaborating with key partners to identify, quantify, and in some cases monetize, ecosystem services in order to make a more compelling business case. This session will explore examples of applying ecosystem services as solutions for industry needs. Speakers include:

  • Schlumberger

  • Dow

  • Restore the Earth Foundation




This event will be hosted at beautiful City Park in New Orleans, a 1,300 acre oasis that has been enchanting New Orleanians since 1854.

Parkview Terrace Building

City Park

1 Palm Dr

New Orleans, LA 70124

(click here for exact map to the venue)

Questions? Contact Daniel Kietzer at or 512.981.5417

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6:00 PM18:00

Clean Energy Beers


Clean Energy Beers is held on the first Monday of every month after work at Uncle Billy’s Brewery. Clean Energy Beers started off in April 2009 as an informal extension of Dr. Michael Webber’s office hours at the University of Texas at Austin, and has evolved into a regular gathering of those interested and involved in CleanTech. Five years later, the monthly tradition is still going strong.

“Clean Energy Beers has no formal agenda – it’s laid-back fun, with only one requirement – you have to like at least one of the following: beer, bar-b-que, or clean energy,” said Dr. Webber.

The event brings together a wide variety of people from Austin’s growing clean energy community. Most months, about 75 people show up for Clean Energy Beers: job hunters looking for work, employers looking for employees, investors looking for inventors, inventors looking for investors, business partners seeking deals, and people who just like hanging around other people who like energy.

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9:00 AM09:00

South Central Regional Meeting

March Event Graphics (2).png

Open to current and prospective US BCSD members, state government representatives, and regional project participants - especially those with operations in/near Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Join us in Austin, Texas for our first South Central Regional Meeting. Hear first hand from project participants and US BCSD collaborators from the region on their work in sustainable development, and work hands-on with US BCSD members and staff to develop and scale sustainability platforms and projects.

Preliminary Agenda

Strategic Planning Process: Overview and Updates

US BCSD members are participating in a strategic planning workshop the day before this event to help retool the US BCSD's approach and prioritize and co-create platforms, projects and partnerships that respond to the important sustainability challenges facing business today. Much of this work will be relevant to projects and activities in the South Central region - we'll provide and overview of the outcomes to set the stage for the day's discussions.

9:00 - 10:00am

10:00 - 12:00pm

Regional Project Updates

What's happening now in the South Central region in US BCSD projects and initiatives? In a series of lightning talks from project participants and US BCSD staff, learn about ground-level project activities and how your company can get involved. We're particularly keen on exploring and leveraging the asymmetry between large manufacturers that make up the core of the US BCSD membership, and smaller innovators doing great things at the regional level. Content areas will cover:

  • Water: Louisiana Water Synergy Project and expansion opportunities
  • Circular Economy: Austin and Tennessee Materials Marketplaces, [Re]verse Pitch Competition, Texas A&M Architecture Competition
  • Gulf Coast & Hurricane Harvey: Clean-up projects, other lessons for business

1:00 - 3:00pm

Regional Opportunities and Priorities

Building on the morning sessions, US BCSD staff will lead an afternoon workshop examining opportunities and priorities for the South Central region, pushing to and pulling from work outside the region as appropriate. At the end of this session, attendees should have a clear understanding of where and how they can get engaged in the US BCSD work program - specifically, platforms and projects for South Central Region.

4:00 - 6:00pm

Off-site Happy Hour - St. Elmo Brewing Co. (440 E St Elmo Rd G-2, Austin, TX 78745

Recommended Accommodations

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9:00 AM09:00

2018 Strategic Planning Workshop


Limited to members and invited guests only.

US BCSD members and invited guests are encouraged to join us on March 27th - the day before our South Central Regional Meeting - for an intensive 1-day strategic planning workshop in Austin, Texas. For more information, contact Daniel Kietzer at

Outline Agenda

Contact Daniel Kietzer for additional details.

9:00 - 10:00am

Strategic Planning Process: Overview and Definitions

10:00 - 2:00pm

with working lunch

Strategic Planning Process: Decisions

  • Defining US BCSD Platforms and Projects
  • Selecting critical topical areas for US BCSD on-going platform development
  • Selecting priority projects for US BCSD current-year implementation
  • Critical partnerships

2:00 - 4:30pm

Strategic Planning Process: Implementation

  • Pipeline for on-going project and platform development
  • Resourcing: funding for projects and platforms
  • Member engagement and communications

5:00 - 7:00pm

Members and Partners Happy Hour

Recommended Accommodations 

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6:30 PM18:30

[Re]verse Pitch Competition: 2018 Opening Pitch Event

Entrepreneurs are used to pitching their business idea to investors, partners, and anyone they might share an elevator ride with. In this competition, the tables will turn. The [Re]Verse Pitch Competition is a social innovation program to help turn valuable raw materials that are currently leaving local businesses, non-profits, and institutions as waste into the raw materials for new or expanding social enterprises. Competitors work with mentors & advisors to develop repurposing business ideas and compete for Innovation Prizes to help start this new venture.

During the opening pitch event, you will hear from businesses and institutions consistently generating or collecting by-product, surplus or otherwise underutilized materials streams in Austin, Texas that could be put to higher and better use. Come to learn more about these products, meet the material generators, and network with other [Re]verse Pitch participants. This event is free and open to the public, but your RSVP is requested. Attendance is mandatory to compete for an Innovation Prize. 

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to Sep 13

A *very* hands-on Materials Marketplace workshop with Living Lands & Waters

LL&W Event - Draft Invitation.png

What: Materials without good end-of-life solutions don’t just end up in the landfill - some find their way into our rivers and waterways too. At this two-day event, you’ll get hands-on with materials reuse and the Materials Marketplace: literally pulling materials out of the Ohio River and working with peers to identify better, long-term reuse solutions.

When: Start time: September 12, 2017 at 9:00am; End time: September 13, 2017 at 3:00pm

Who: Industry leaders from General Motors, Johnson Controls and other leading companies; state government leaders; and nonprofits including LL&W and the US BCSD. Due to space constraints, this workshop is invite-only and limited to 40 attendees. Contact Daniel at the US BCSD if you're interested in attending.

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8:30 AM08:30

Ohio BPS Network Year 8 Kickoff Meeting

The Ohio By-Product Synergy Network is hosting its Year 8 (!) Kickoff Meeting on Tuesday, August 8th, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The agenda includes a training session for the recently launched Ohio Materials Marketplace, and hands-on sessions to identify and facilitate new materials matches. Click here to register, and learn more with the flyer below.

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to Jul 19

"Expanding the Circle" at The Ohio State University

Join us on July 18-19, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio at The Ohio State University for Expanding the Circle, hosted in partnership with the Sustainable and Resilience Economy program. Through an exciting mix of plenary sessions, workshops and breakout groups, this event will explore four key themes:

Smart and Resilient Cities: Scaling Up Circularity

Human and Natural Systems in a Circular Economy

Cyclical and Resilient Supply Networks

Digital Platforms for Co-Creation of Value

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to Jun 29

Science in Support of Sustainable and Resilient Communities (ISIE & ISSST Joint Conference)

Andy Mangan will be speaking at the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) and International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology (ISSST) joint conference on "Science in Support of Resilient and Sustainable Communities" to be held at the UIC Forum in Chicago on June 25-29, 2017. Major sub-themes:

In addition to the US BCSD's Andy Mangan, other plenary speakers include:

  • Andrew Morlet, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Catherine Hurley, Argonne National Lab 
  • Chris Wheat, City of Chicago

For more information and to register, visit

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10:00 AM10:00

Tennessee Environmental Show of the South

Daniel Kietzer will be presenting the Tennessee Materials Marketplace at the Tennessee Environmental Show of the South on May 18, 2017. Click here to learn more.

About the event:

The Environmental Show of the South is the largest and most comprehensive environmental conference and tradeshow in the region. Its goal is to provide high-quality, low-cost environmental training as well as updates on government/industry developments and trends, with a particular focus on solid and hazardous waste issues. The 46th annual event will be held May 17-19, 2017 at the Chattanooga Convention Center, and will include speakers from leading environmental agencies, industry partners, law firms, and service providers.

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to Jan 12

Making Markets, Moving Markets at Duke University

Making Markets, Moving Markets | January 11-12, 2017 at Duke University

Business leadership is using market mechanisms to help solve the biggest sustainability challenges - from carbon to water, circular economy, ecosystems and a range of other complex issues. These market solutions are moving the needle in the right direction, but continue to encounter challenges in: 




Join the US BCSD; Duke Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment; and leading companies like Ingersoll Rand, General Motors, Monsanto and Fairmount Santrol on January 11-12, 2017 at Duke University for hands-on work sessions on existing and emerging markets, and in identifying the priorities for new marketplace innovations.

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to Dec 6

Second Annual [Re]verse Pitch Competition

2015 [Re]verse Pitch winners,  Brewnola , using spent brewery grain to create environmentally positive snack foods.

2015 [Re]verse Pitch winners, Brewnola, using spent brewery grain to create environmentally positive snack foods.

Entrepreneurs are used to pitching their business idea to investors, partners, and anyone they might share an elevator ride with. In this competition, the tables will turn. The [Re]Verse Pitch Competition is a social innovation program from the City of Austin, US BCSD and Impact Hub Austin to help turn valuable raw materials that are currently leaving local businesses, non-profits, and institutions as waste into the foundation of new social enterprises. Entrepreneurs work with mentors & advisors to develop repurposing business ideas and compete for Innovation Prizes to help start their new venture.

This year's event starts on October 11th. For more information, visit:

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10:00 AM10:00

Imagine a Waste Free Manufacturing Sector with TEDxLA


Let’s make the phrase one person’s trash is another’s treasure a reality! This event will explore how the California manufacturing community can develop opportunities for material reuse. California generates over 11% of total manufacturing output in the entire United States and can create tremendous financial and environmental gain by designing a regenerative industrial system and moving towards a sustainable economy that decouples economic growth from natural resource consumption and environmental degradation.

Community Engagement

This event is focused on engaging the California sustainability, waste management, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial community to develop relationships and create actionable solutions to industrial by-products or otherwise underutilized materials. The half day workshop will include an introduction to the US Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Material Marketplace, a panel discussion featuring materials and sustainability experts, and breakout sessions to propose solutions for reuse opportunities in California’s manufacturing industry. Due to the intimate format, the event will be limited to 50 participants. Please go to for more information and to apply.

Experience Scope

How can businesses help to create a more sustainable, circular economy? How can we reduce raw material use and encourage more sustainable materials management? What are the biggest obstacles to collaboration? Are there concrete actions we can take now to facilitate greater resource efficiency?

Participants will discuss these questions and learn about what steps their organizations can take to make a positive return to their bottom line and the planet!

Experience Goal

  • Educate and empower participants about material reuse opportunities
  • Develop a network of local industry leaders working towards a circular economy
  • Create a California marketplace for industrial materials


Friday December 2nd from 10-1pm in the Los Angeles region. More details will be shared individually with registered attendees.

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9:30 AM09:30

Institutionalizing Resource Efficiency: A Roundtable Discussion

Co-hosted by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Economic Forum

The US BCSD will be joining the U.S. EPA and the World Economic Forum’s Systems Initiative on Environment and Natural Resource Security for a roundtable discussion with key global public and private leaders to discuss tangible solutions and systemic changes that help institutionalize sustainable materials management and resource efficiency.

The roundtable builds on the seven critical needs areas for institutionalizing resource efficiency and life cycle thinking that were distilled from the discussions during the U.S. EPA’s Workshop on the Use of Life Cycle Concepts in the Supply Chain to Achieve Resource Efficiency, held March 22-23, 2016, in Arlington, Virginia, as part of the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency.

US BCSD members interested in receiving more information on the event are encouraged to contact us.

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to Oct 6

Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit

US BCSD Executive Director Andy Mangan will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit, October 5-6 in New York, NY. 

The summit, in partnership with Accenture Strategy, will convene innovative thinkers, practitioners and executives to address how businesses are embedding sustainability initiatives that are both good for business and good for society.

The conference will address critical issues in three important areas:

  • Driving profitability through social and environmental goals
  • Defining and measuring the business value of sustainable practices
  • Transformative game-changers: trust, digital and new business models

Learn more about the event and see who else is involved at

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to Sep 30

Expert Group Meeting: Implementation of an Eco-Industrial Park Initiative for Sustainable Industrial Zones in Vietnam

US BCSD Executive Director Andy Mangan is one of 15 international experts traveling to Vietnam this September to discuss perspectives on the definition, standards, requirements, success stories and results of eco-industrial parks and industrial symbiosis from around the world.

Contact the US BCSD for more information about this event.

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7:30 PM19:30

Session at IUCN World Conservation Congress

We'd love for you to join us for our panel session at IUCN on Monday, September 5th, 7:30 to 9:30pm.


Coastal restoration is about playing offense to protect our natural capital. And there’s good news: restoration has been demonstrated to fix landscapes degraded by agricultural and industrial activity, storm surge and subsidence, and also deliver outsized environmental, social and economic benefits. 

This session will engage participants in how to unlock the billion-dollar business case for landscape scale restoration using the power of private-public collaboration and a breakthrough model.

Located in the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion. Learn more here.

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Austin Materials Marketplace: Matchmaking Session – buildings, and the spaces inside and outside
9:00 AM09:00

Austin Materials Marketplace: Matchmaking Session – buildings, and the spaces inside and outside

The built environment, including buildings and the spaces in and around them, is one of the most active sectors within Austin city limits. Our city is buzzing with builders, designers, building owners & tenants, and folks creating and maintaining outdoor spaces. We thought it’d be a good idea to get everyone together to talk materials and see what new matches we can uncover.

Think of this event as speed-dating for materials, with the goal of finding matches for your materials available and/or materials needs. We’ll have a handful of tables set up around the room, organized around key business functions and their associated materials. 

Learn more at

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Speaking Engagement: GEMI Summer Meeting - Resource Efficiency
to Jul 28

Speaking Engagement: GEMI Summer Meeting - Resource Efficiency

Daniel Kietzer, US BCSD and John Bradburn, GM will be speaking on the Materials Marketplace at GEMI's Summer Meeting on Resource Efficiency in St. Paul, MN. The meeting will examine tangible resource efficiency projects/examples from across industries, and explore steps sustainability leaders are taking to implement circular economy concepts in their businesses and create value. Learn more at

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