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Institutionalizing Resource Efficiency: A Roundtable Discussion

Co-hosted by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Economic Forum

The US BCSD will be joining the U.S. EPA and the World Economic Forum’s Systems Initiative on Environment and Natural Resource Security for a roundtable discussion with key global public and private leaders to discuss tangible solutions and systemic changes that help institutionalize sustainable materials management and resource efficiency.

The roundtable builds on the seven critical needs areas for institutionalizing resource efficiency and life cycle thinking that were distilled from the discussions during the U.S. EPA’s Workshop on the Use of Life Cycle Concepts in the Supply Chain to Achieve Resource Efficiency, held March 22-23, 2016, in Arlington, Virginia, as part of the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency.

US BCSD members interested in receiving more information on the event are encouraged to contact us.