Houston By-Product Synergy Project Wraps Up Successful Year 2

The 4th and final meeting of Year 2 for the Greater Houston By-Product Synergy project took place on January 18, 2012 and was hosted by Goodwill industries of Houston. Attending participants including Altiras, Baker-Hughes, Cemex, Cherry, Dixie Chemical, Dow Chemical, Goodwill, Shell, Texmark CXI, and The Meadows Group were welcomed to the new Corporate Headquarters for Goodwill industries of Houston by Steve Lufburrow, President/CEO, Goodwill Houston, who shared some impressive information about the organization. Through donations and Goodwill store purchases, Goodwill Industries of Houston had annual revenues of $55 million in 2010, and currently employs 1300 employees in the Greater Houston area. Goodwill Houston is growing rapidly. In 2011 they opened 9 new stores, and every store means 25 new jobs for the community. Goodwill hires many veterans and employees that most other companies won’t hire due to disabilities or other barriers.

Introductions at the meeting included a welcome of David Wall, The Meadows Group, who has recently joined the project and Valori Ransom, who recently joined Dixie Chemical as their Environmental Manager.

Information about how to use Cirrus™ and an overview of new cirrus functionality was presented by Michael Snyder of Dow Chemical. The ability to post MSDS reports and pictures of materials will help cirrus users more efficiently screen materials. Members can also now sort materials to see what has been posted since their last visit to Cirrus or in a particular time period, e.g., the last week.

Members then explored current synergies, synergies under evaluation, and new materials at roundtable discussions. Topics of discussion included the EPA’s findings on the combination of red mud from aluminum production, waste material from phosphate mining, and fly ash for use in levee construction in the Gulf Coast and Greater Houston area.

Following the meeting, Jim Thompson, Operations Director for Goodwill Houston led a tour of the Goodwill Swain Center, where Goodwill employees perform light assembly work for a wide range of Houston businesses.

The next GHBPS Working Meeting will be held April 18th. Companies and organizations in the Greater Houston area interested in joining the project can contact Susan Fernandes, Project Manager, at fernandes@usbcsd.org.