Announcing: Business Ecosystems Training

Providing EHS and sustainability professionals the tools to understand what ecosystem services mean to their companies.

The US BCSD and WBCSD-US are offering customized training sessions around the US to provide EHS and sustainability professionals the tools and skills needed to manage ecosystem services. Business Ecosystems Training introduces cutting- edge applications and techniques to identify business opportunities related to ecosystem services and develop meaningful projects to achieve corporate sustainability objectives. This training can help answer:

  • What are ecosystem services and how can US businesses actively explore the opportunities and manage the risks they present in operations and supply chain management?
  • What are leading companies doing around ecosystem services and why?
  • What are some tools that can help me, as an EHS or sustainability professional, most effectively manage ecosystem services?

At the completion of the training, participants will gain a unique knowledge of the range of applications available to understand company impacts and dependencies, and quantify the value of ecosystem services.

“With Business Ecosystem Training, companies like mine now have a suite of well-developed tools to carefully manage ecosystem risks and opportunities, minimize ecosystem impact, and future proof their business.” Kristian Paul, Scientist, Dupont

Participants will be able to clearly articulate the business case for incorporating ecosystem services into decision processes, improve reporting metrics with the Global Reporting Initiative, identify project opportunities to utilize ecosystem services to generate business value, and build capacity in their company and supply chain.

“What Business Ecosystem Training has given me is a language to communicate to colleagues outside of the sustainability arena in a simple way, showing that there are opportunities and risks with every business decision that is tied to potential impacts to ecosystems.” David Shen, Carbon Management Advisor, Chevron

If you're interested in our 2013 training offerings, please contact Kieran Sikdar at or 614.747.0661. And consider joining us for our Winter Meeting in Austin, TX this February to learn more.