Registration Now Open: Action 2020 at Yale University

Move from Vision 2050 to Action 2020  |  July 17-18, 2013  |  New Haven, CT

Join business, government and academic leaders in developing action plans that address and advance key Action 2020 sustainability efforts in materials, water, energy, and ecosystems. Learn what strategies are working and how we can bring them to scale by taking part in this working meeting, hosted by the United States and the World Business Councils for Sustainable Development in partnership with the Yale Center for Business and Environment. Visit our meeting website, to learn more.

What's on the agenda?

The Action 2020 conference is scheduled for July 17-18 in New Haven, Conn., in Yale's Kroon Hall, a striking showcase for sustainable design. The meeting is designed to enable attendees to build case studies and examples of what is working to address key goals in materials, water, energy and ecosystems. This will lay the groundwork for attendees to create collaborative, actionable work plans.


Plenary sessions will present pressing challenges in each of four focus areas - "must haves" that were identified in the WBCSD's Vision 2050 report and refined this year to specific actions required to get significant results by 2020.

We'll open an extensive toolbox full of enablers, and thought provoking examples of what's working and how we can bring those to scale.

Take Action

Yale faculty and other sustainability experts will facilitate assessment sessions to help companies gauge where they are in the sustainability spectrum and which key strategies make the most sense to be working on.

Those participants who are ready for action will work with like-minded colleagues to piece together project plans. But don't worry if you're not quite there yet - we've designed a series of exciting action labs to keep you moving down the right path.

Interested? Visit to learn more and to register today.

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