Snapshot from Qinghuangdao, China

Andy Mangan, US BCSD Executive Director, is in China this week meeting with China Business Council for Sustainable Development staff, member companies, and government representatives working on the Hebei By-Product Synergy Project. Here's Andy alongside Mr. Zhai Qi, Secretary General of the CBCSD, at the shore in Qinghuangdao. Andy will be traveling from Qinghuangdao to Ulsan, South Korea next week to attend the International Society for Industrial Ecology's biennial conference at the University of Ulsan. The city is one of the best examples of the amazing development of South Korea. It's is home to Hyundai (ship building and automobiles), the SK refinery and petrochemicals complex, and has a large and developing Eco-Industrial Park, which will be a model for industrial symbiosis around the world.