Andy Mangan at Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy

US BCSD Executive Director Andy Mangan presented the Materials Marketplace platform at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's "Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy" event on May 16, 2016. Watch Andy's presentation in the recording above, courtesy of the USCCF.

Andy makes a "call for action" at the end of the video, inviting companies, organizations and government entities to get involved in our efforts. If you're interested in learning more, join us at "Pathways to Impact: Driving Scale & Aligning Values" this June at Yale University. Four sessions and workshops will focus on the Materials Marketplace and Sustainable Materials Management; and you'll also be exposed to a number of other exciting projects and programs happening at the WBCSD, US BCSD, and Yale University. Learn more at

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