Apply for the Monarch Sustainer of the Year Award


The Monarch Sustainer of the Year Award is an initiative to recognize business in supporting the long‐term viability of monarch butterflies by the U.S. Business Council on Sustainable Development and the Pollinator Partnership.

Monarchs rely on a network of nectar plants and milkweeds that stretches across North America to sustain them on their annual journey from summer breeding grounds to overwintering habitats. Many factors have fragmented the migratory corridors monarchs rely on during this journey. Helping monarchs means filling these habitat gaps to sustain the monarch migration so that generation after generation can enjoy their wonder. It also means spreading the word on the need to conserve and protect this unique insect that takes on an epic journey.

The Monarch Sustainer of the Year Award recognizes a US business that has shown exceptional leadership and action in providing habitat and awareness for monarchs along their migratory corridors. The award is a part of the Monarch Joint Venture that strategically supports the monarch through the North American Monarch Conservation Plan.

To submit an application for this award please provide a narrative and supporting documents (photographs, site, plans, outreach plans, etc.) that highlight the unique and inspiring ways in which your business is supporting monarchs and meeting the award criteria. The application package should include a completed cover sheet, a narrative highlighting how your monarch conservation program meets the stated technical and organizational criteria, and any supplementary materials that you would like to share. Please send/upload all attachments as a PDF.

Key Dates

  • December 1, 2016 – Deadline for applications 
  • January 2017 – Announcement of Winner

Award Criteria

To qualify for the Monarch Sustainer of the Year Award an organization must make an effort to increase and/or enhance nectar and host plants within the migratory pathways of monarchs. Activities can be focused on single localities or on multiple sites within the Pacific, Central, and Eastern migratory routes.

Technical Criteria ‐ Provide clean and safe habitat for monarchs

  • Milkweed is essential and a successful monarch conservation plan cannot be developed without the right species of milkweed in the right place. Monarch caterpillars need this to survive and thrive.
  • Nectar plants are needed to support adult butterflies and need to be in bloom throughout the season.
  • A habitat that is free of chemical inputs and noxious weeds is also essential. Any management plans need to include integrated approaches to managing pest issues.

Organizational Criteria ‐ Take a leadership role in developing programs that go beyond habitat installations and tell us how this has changed the way you do business

  • Show a clear internal program or policy for monarch support that is integrated into your green or sustainable guidelines and/or programs.
  • Provide opportunities for employees and/or local community members to engage in monarch conservation activities.
  • Show a record of corporate outreach and engagement within your industry to encourage monarch conservation.
  • Show a record of public outreach and engagement.

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Daniel Kietzer