Ohio Materials Marketplace diverts 1,681 tons and creates $150k in disposal savings and value creation in first year

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The Ohio Materials Marketplace ended year one (April 4, 2017 – April 4, 2018) with 3,362,000 pounds of material diverted from Ohio’s landfills and saved participating companies more than $153,000 through virgin material substitution costs and avoided landfill costs.

A wide variety of business and organization types have signed up in the first year, and are actively engaged in continuous transaction conversations through the marketplace platform. Material listings, both available and wanted, are as diverse as the marketplace membership and are beginning to reveal trends in material management challenges across Ohio.

As the program moves into Year 2, the Ohio EPA will continue to direct marketplace management and marketing to increasing participation numbers and diversity while improving platform interactions that drive high-value, high-impact reuse transactions.

For more information, download the full Year 1 Report here, or visit ohio.materialsmarketplace.org.

Daniel Kietzer