25th anniversary strategic planning survey

The US Business Council for Sustainable Development (US BCSD) was created 25 years ago, as leading companies looked for ways to work on sustainability at home after returning from important global meetings. From the beginning the US BCSD has been action-based and results-oriented, bringing together the collective insights of its members to define challenges, develop and test solutions, evaluate results and improve those solutions to create real change. This approach has been applied to water, energy, materials and ecosystems services. The approach is hard and takes patience and perseverance – but it has been productive and rewarding.

The US BCSD is now reviewing its strategy and priorities for the next 3-5 years. We plan to keep the same unique action-based approach. However, the challenges facing our members, colleagues and other stakeholders have evolved. We are also at a crossroads in how business addresses sustainability challenges, with businesses and state and local governments stepping up in unprecedented ways.

Your responses will help the US BCSD reshape its priorities and directions. All answers will be confidential and will NOT be publicly identified with your name or organization. We're only asking for identifying information to help us analyze and understand results; you'll also receive a copy of your responses via email. Thank you for your input!