Louisiana Coastal Game User Survey

Participants’ feedback is an important part of the development of the Louisiana Coastal Game. That’s why we ask every participant (and facilitator) to complete this survey after every game play. Every survey is reviewed and all input is valued; this is not “just another survey”. We have tried to keep the survey as short as possible, and hope you will take a few minutes to complete it now. Thank you.

Date Played *
Date Played
Type of Play *
What web browser did you use to play the game? *
Role you played in the game
Role you play in real life
Outcomes from Playing the Game
Playing the game....
Increased my understanding of water issues in the region
Increased my understanding of other stakeholders' needs and concerns
Increased other stakeholders' understanding of MY needs and concerns
Led to new ideas for solutions and collaboration
Will help improve existing stakeholder conversations in the future
Created new conversations that will be continued in the future
Experience of Playing the Game
Playing the Louisiana Coastal Game...
Was interesting
Was fun
Was easy to do
Exposed me to some challenging ideas
Got me very involved in the game play
Overall Evaluation
How did the issues raised and data quality of the game compare to your expectations coming in?
How did your experience in playing the game compare to your expectations coming in?
If you have played the Louisiana Coastal Game before, how did the game compare to what you saw before?
On a scale from 1 (least likely) to 10 (most likely), how likely are you to recommend to a colleague that they play the game?